Effects of Brexit

Will Brexit effect my shopping experience?

Not at all we have taken many steps to secure our services have and will remain unaffected by the Brexit transition.

We have two stores, one within the UK and one within the EU, if you shop via our EU website (This one) you will not be subject to any additional taxes. If you do decide to shop via our UK store please be aware you will be subject to an additional 20% tax which is applied by your local customs authority. You will be issued an invoice from them prior to delivery which will need to be paid. Please note if you refuse your order we cannot issue a refund until your order arrives back safely. Durations for unaccepted orders can take in excess of 6 months to make its way back due to sortation limitation within customs.

The safest option for EU customers is shopping via our EU store to benefit from tax free purchases.


Could prices be affected?

We cannot rule out prices changes, however, we always ensure to remain competitive and only grow with general inflation.

Will deliveries take longer?

Due to increased traffic and boarders and customer we are seeing EU orders take longer than usual to reach their destinations. However, this has been kept to a minimal, if you have any queries regarding your order please feel free to contact our customer care team customercare@embassylondon.co.uk